Wine Fountain

Martin Ashley Architects have designed a moveable wine fountain – a visual focus for the restored Base Court at Hampton Court, a playful visitor attraction, and a reference to a defining moment of Tudor history at the heart of Henry VIII’s great palace.

The concept for the wine fountain was inspired by the discovery of a fountain base during the decade-long restoration of Base Court. Its design was informed by a painting of the Field of Cloth of Gold on display at Hampton Court – where a wine fountain stands alongside a sumptuous temporary palace created by Henry VIII for his historic meeting with Francois I of France.

Our reproduction, although not a replica, takes its form from the fountain in the painting, and includes references to several decorative motifs and elements found at Hampton Court. It has been constructed from authentic materials including timber, lead, bronze and gold leaf and, despite its playful appearance, is a fully working feature that serves red and chilled white wine to Hampton Court’s visitors each summer. Like its historical predecessor, it is a temporary structure that can be easily removed during the winter months.