Documents and Procedures

Examples of documents produced and assistance with procedures:

Standing Scheduled Monument Consents Procedures for Maintenance and Minor Works
A fixed-term agreement between client body and Historic England under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 establishing procedures under which Scheduled Monument Consent for typical maintenance works and minor works upon historic estates can be deemed to have been granted subject to notification, compliance with procedure, and with works described in thirty one method statements.

Pre-Planned Conservation and Maintenance Programme (PPCM)
Martin Ashley and colleagues assist the Greenwich Foundation in assessing the condition of the historic estate, forecasting a costed 10 year forward maintenance programme, and planning and procuring a rolling maintenance programme of works each year, the greater proportion through a tendered term contract with a conservation contractor, but some works with varying specialist contractors and consultants. Typically the works involve multiple contracts onsite at any one time, and all carried out in the context a site which is in constant and intensive use by the Greenwich Foundation and its site partners and the visiting public.

Painted Hall and Undercroft Conservation Plan (pictured)
Conservation Plan and costed ten-year Management Plan to support the HLF Phase 1 Painted Hall paintings conservation project, and subsequently the Conserving a Masterpiece HLF Phase 2 paintings conservation and Undercroft visitors centre project. Both documents adopted HLF guidance for the procedures and content of CMP’s and were underpinned by Historic England guidance documents.

Conservation of the Painted Hall Phase II, Feasibility Study to RIBA Stage 1
Feasibility document forming part of the HLF round 1 submission. Defining a proposed scope of architectural and engineering work and designs and specifications to RIBA Stage 1 for HLF Phase II of the Painted Hall paintings conservation works and also a dedicated visitor centre housed in Hawksmoor’s Undercroft below the Painted Hall.