Bray Chantry Furnishings and Lighting

Following earlier new furnishings for the Rutland Transept Chapel, a suite of new furnishings for worship have been designed and installed into the Bray Transept Chapel. In close collaboration with the Dean and Canons and a partnership between the Surveyor and the Manufacturers Treske Ltd the furnishings have been designed to be elegant comfortable and unobtrusive, preserving the still and peaceful ambience of the beautiful 15th Century Chantry Chapel as a setting for worship. The furnishings have been made in a combination of spalted Beech and walnut, the beech a richly figured wood to particularly respond to the figure and character of the time worn stone of the Chantry. The seating is leather in Garter blue, and a ‘hemp brake’ is carved in profile onto each of the chairs in recognition of the generosity of benefactors to the restoration of the College and Chapel of St George.