Our Expertise

The range of buildings within our portfolio has allowed us to develop significant expertise in historic building conservation design and techniques over many years.

Project descriptions within this section demonstrate that experience. At Buckingham Palace, for example, our experience of conserving historic stonework and care in sourcing new materials addressed a problem that had been unresolved for over 150 years. At Hampton Court, the Anne Boleyn Gates show how we can work with a range of materials – in this case timber – to introduce beautiful new features within important historic settings. Meanwhile The Canons’ Cloister shows how a forensic approach to building conservation has restored important Medieval buildings and reversed a series of damaging interventions.

We enjoy sharing our expertise with project partners and others. On site we take great pride in encouraging close collaboration with others such as conservationists and specialist trades, an approach that allows project partners to learn from each other and bring their best to each project. We are also anxious to do what we can to ensure that historic building conservation skills and knowledge are passed down, and therefore give talks and lectures to fellow professionals and other interested groups, host study visits to our projects for trainee architects, surveyors and conservationists, and share our expertise through articles in journals and magazines.