January 2024

Sheerness Dockyard Church Shortlisted for the MacEwen Awards 2024

From a longlist of 32, the panel of five judges whittled down the selection to a select shortlist of 13 projects, all of which contribute to an architecture for the common good.

This year, the projects chosen were split across six categories: workplace and social enterprise, heritage renewal, community support, affordable housing, back to nature and urban renewal. The categories change every year, depending on the submissions received, as the concept of ‘architecture for the common good’ is continuously evolving.

Sheerness Dockyard Church is nominated under Heritage Renewal.

‘The building needed to be a beacon of hope which would act as a catalyst for wider regeneration. The result exceeded all our expectations,’ commented Palin.

‘This project does feel really hopeful,’ concurred judge Stacey Barry.

The RIBA Journal